An Introduction to Olde Rope Mill Park

Nestled in the heart of historic Woodstock, Georgia, Olde Rope Mill Park is an urban oasis offering a unique blend of natural beauty and rustic charm. Established in 1882, the site has a long and varied history and has been used for a myriad of purposes, ranging from rope-making to textiles to community gatherings. Today, Olde Rope Mill Park is enjoyed by visitors of all ages and offers a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities in the form of hiking trails, picnic facilities, fishing, and more. Learn information about  Woodstock, GA.

Olde Rope Mill Park can thank Jim Hightower for its long-lasting legacy. Originally opening in 1882 as the Chestatee Falls Rope Mill, the site served as a premier source of cotton rope for the town of Woodstock and beyond. In the late 1940s, the milling operation was outdated and the grounds came under the ownership of Hightower, a local businessman and philanthropist. Hightower soon set out to create a park in the style of nearby Chattanooga’s Rock City, investing heavily in the land, building a “castle” atop the nearby hills, and establishing the local community fairs and fishing tournaments that are still enjoyed by residents and visitors today. With its rustic atmosphere combined with the surrounding nature, the park provides a vast range of activities for all to enjoy. From fishing and boating to picnicking and hiking, there is something for everyone at Olde Rope Mill Park. Discover facts about The Park at City Center in Woodstock, GA.